Good hobbies for men

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Finding a good hobby is a great way to sit back, relax and enjoy something of interest. Hobbies help keep your mind busy and take you away from the everyday stress you may encounter. Learning a new hobby will help you build confidence and knowledge you never knew you had.


The art of woodworking began many years ago. Men would come home from work, eat dinner and get right to work on creating beautiful objects made of wood. While you may remember some basic woodworking techniques from wood shop, there are many technical schools that offer classes for those who want to learn. Woodworking is a useful skill that may lead you to designing your own furniture or making small wooden doll furniture. Whatever you decide to make, you will have the sheer pleasure of letting others know how talented you really are.


Back in the day, bowling was known as the man's sport of choice. While women stayed home taking care of the kids, men would put on their bowling shirts and head on out for a night with the guys. Bowling will give you a chance to bond with your male friends and step away from the house for a bit. Find a league you can join and commit to it. Not only will you get better at the sport, but you will also experience some much-needed male bonding.

RC Planes and Helis

When you first try and fly a radio-controlled (RC) plane or helicopter, it can be a little overwhelming. While it may look easy, figuring out how to use the transmitter and keeping the planes in the air can be a little challenging. But don't let this scare you off. Once you get past the hurdle of getting the plane in the air and flying it around a bit, you will be amazed at the tricks you can learn to do with them. The more you practice, the better you will get. Who knows -- you may even want to design your own aeroplane or helicopter.


For men looking for a less expensive hobby, fishing is a good start. To be a good fisherman, you will need a good-quality rod and some bait to catch the fish. Fishing can basically be done anywhere there is water. You can fish off a pier, by the side of the river or off a boat. To make the hobby a little more challenging, enter a fishing contest. Most offer a cash prize for catching the biggest fish or shark.

Sports League

While most men will take the time to sit down and watch a sporting event on TV, some may have never thought about taking up the sport as a hobby. Many towns offer community sports and recreational activities you can join. Joining a baseball or basketball league will give you the opportunity to stay physically fit and meet new friends. Most leagues practice once a week, followed by a weekly game. When it's game day, have the family come out and support your athletic ability and new-found hobby.

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