Fashion ideas for a 50-year-old woman

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Being 50 years old does not mean you can't have great style. There are many fashionable options for 50-year-old women to show off their style, personality and vibrancy. Make certain to find clothing that suits your body type and style, that you feel comfortable in, and most importantly you feel beautiful in.

Whether it be a stylish cardigan or a great business suit, you will can something that suits you. Age is nothing but a number when it comes to fashion.


A classic look is a cardigan. A cardigan looks good on different body types and can be worn in many different settings ranging from casual to the workplace. Pair a cardigan over a blouse, tunic or cami. Also, choose colour when picking a cardigan. You can have the standard black or white cardigan, but also choose jewel tones such as royal blue, teal, plum or burgundy as they look flattering on different hair colours and skin tones. Cardigans can be worn with jeans, dress trousers, skirts or even over a dress. Cardigans are sophisticated and tasteful for 50-year-old women without looking frumpy.

A-Line Dress

Another popular and flattering wardrobe piece is an A-line dress. An A-line dress is the best type of dress for all body types as it flatters and hides figure flaws. An A-line dress is appropriate for the workplace or a social event. A-line dresses can be found in solid colours, but don't shy away from vibrant and colourful prints as well. A 50-year-old woman will look covered up and elegant in an A-line dress, but still look fashionable and feel comfortable.

Business Suit

A well-tailored business suit is essential for the 50-year-old working woman. Avoid boxy-looking suits or frumpy fits, but choose a business suit that fits your body type and style. Don't be afraid to wear a printed blouse or jacket with your business suit. Prints and colour on business suits are always in style and work well for a 50-year-old woman who wants to bring excitement and vibrancy to her work wardrobe.


Jeans are a wardrobe staple for all woman, but especially busy 50-year-old women balancing their careers and families. Fifty-year-old women should avoid the frumpy and unflattering "mom jeans" that are often light-coloured denim with a unflattering fit. Instead, choose a dark wash denim. Also, make sure the jeans are either boot-cut or straight leg as they are the most universally flattering.


Accessories also play a role in making a wardrobe more stylish. Choose handbags that fit your lifestyle, but are fashionable and feature either colour or embellishments. Do not shy away from big jewellery. Costume jewellery is a great way to show off personality and looks good at any age. Big earrings, bold necklaces, cocktail or statement rings, and chunky bracelets are a great way to add excitement to a basic outfit. Choose accessories based on your style and comfort level. A pair of earrings or statement ring can instantly change an outfit for the better. Accessories bring out the playful and fun side in a 50-year-old woman.