What things are necessary at an 11-year-old girl's spa party?

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If your 11-year-old daughter loves to be pampered, throw a spa themed party for her and her friends at home. A spa party is a great way to introduce preteens to pedicures, facials and makeovers, while getting to enjoy one another's company and gossip about all things girlie.

Make sure you have the essential items to make the spa party a success.

Pedicure Products

No spa party is complete without the tools necessary for girls to give one another pedicures. Pedicure products, such as nail polish remover, cotton balls, nail polish, heel buffers, toe separators, nail files or clippers and lotion, are spa party must-haves. It is a good idea to provide a variety of nail polish colours so girls can choose the colour they like best. Look for miniature nail polishes that come in prepackaged sets, which offer better prices than full-size nail polish bottles.

Facial Masks

Facials are a common service at spas, so having facial mask mud or scrubs available to the girls is of upmost importance. Give the girls a brief overview of how to use the products, such as how to apply the products and how long to leave them on the skin. Make sure you have plenty of towels for the girls for when they need to rinse off the facial masks. Don't forget the sliced cucumbers for the girls to put over their eyes.

Spa Decor

A spa party needs spa decor. White is the primary colour associated with spas because it offers a clean, fresh and tranquil tone to any room. Decorate the room for your spa party with white linens. Cover the furniture with white linen sheets, provide white towels and you may even wish to hang up white robes for the girls to lounge around in. Perhaps the robes could also double as party favours for your daughter's friends to take home with them after the party. Incorporate aromatic candles into the room, as well as flowers. White orchids make a spa-appropriate touch. Play tranquil background music through the sound system.


All that pampering will make the girls hungry, so be prepared to offer snacks and beverages. Avoid serving junk food, such as chips and pretzels, to the preteens. Rather, provide foods such as sliced fruit and salads. In addition, skip the sodas and sugary drinks, and replace with strawberry water. Slice up strawberries and set them into a pitcher with ice and water, and allow to sit for a couple of hours before serving. When the girls drink the water they will taste a hint of strawberry.