80th Birthday Ideas for Dad

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Make your dad's 80th one he will remember forever. By his 80th birthday, your dad has probably already accumulated more "stuff" than he knows what to do with. This year, avoid the stress and give dad a gift that cannot be replaced to remind him how important he is to you.

Home-Cooked Goods

Dad probably doe s not want anything too exhausting for his 80th; save him a trip out to dinner and bring dinner to him. Treat your dad to a night in with his favourite home-cooked meal, or make him a dinner he used to always make for you growing up to show him how appreciative you are. Top off the meal with home-baked cookies or brownies as a treat.


Give your dad the gift of memories for his 80th birthday. Put together a scrapbook of memories using pictures from when he was growing up all the way up until the time when you were growing up. Include pictures of your parents together, the two of you together, him with family and anyone else important in your dad's life. Get other relatives in on the gift and encourage them to send you pictures for a scrapbook or make their own pages to put in. See the effect it has on your dad when he recalls some of his fondest memories with this keepsake gift.

Day Trip

If your dad is in good health, take him somewhere special for his 80th birthday. Surprise him with tickets to see his favourite sports team and go to the game together. Take him to see a new movie he has been talking about and make reservations at one of his favourite restaurants. Do something with him that he loves, such as spending a leisurely day fishing or golfing, or take a trip to a nearby casino and hit the slots. No matter what you do together, your dad will be happy to have spent the day with you.


Your whole life, your dad has probably been the one trying to help you out. Lend dad a helping hand for his 80th birthday to show him how much you have appreciated him. Help him with any laundry that needs to be done, or some simple repairs around the house. Give his house or apartment a thorough cleaning or help him sort through any complicated medical bills. Take the stress out of your dad's life for his 80th birthday.

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