Jordanian Visa Requirements

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The Middle Eastern nation of Jordan abuts Egypt, Israel, Palestine, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Jordanian officials expect all visitors to and foreign residents of Jordan to obey entry and travel requirements as stipulated by the nation's government.

Paramount among these provisions are those pertaining to the documentation required to enter Jordan, including visas. Jordanian visa requirements stipulate entry rules, methods of obtaining visas and the permissible length of stay for those who hold visas.

Entry Requirements

Jordan requires all visitors to hold valid visas, with no exceptions. The country awards three types of visas, single entry visas, double entry visas and multiple entry visas. The type of visa required of each traveller hinges on the number of times that visitor plans on entering, leaving and re-entering Jordan for the duration of his or her visa. In addition to a visa, all visitors must hold a valid passport from their respective nations.

Obtaining a Visa

The Jordanian government provides citizens of the United States, Canada, China, the United Kingdom and other similarly developed and prosperous nations with visas upon arrival in the country. Citizens travelling from nations treated with less international respect, including Mexico, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Vietnam and Albania, must obtain visas from a Jordan embassy in their home nation before travelling. The Jordanian government issues visas at all ports of entry apart from the King Hussein/Allenby Bridge land border crossing. Any non-Jordanian citizen entering through this port must obtain a visa prior to entry.

Visa Length

Standard Jordanian visas are valid for 30 days. Those wishing to stay longer than this period must register at a Jordanian police station. The Jordanian police hold no obligation to grant a visa extension to visitors. Those who overstay their visa without registering subject themselves to a fine of 1.5 JD (approximately £1.30) per day for every day that individual stays in the country with an expired visa. Jordanian officials levy the final fine when offenders leave the country. Individuals looking to avoid such a situation but stay in Jordan for longer than 30 days should contact an embassy in their home nation before departure.

Additional Information

Single entry visas cost 20 JD (approximately £19), double entry visas cost 40 JD (approximately £36) and multiple entry visas cost 60 JD (approximately £52.) Individuals entering Jordan from Israel or Saudi Arabia through the airport or land crossing at Aqaba receive visas free of charge. Those travelling to Jordan through a state-approved tourism agency receive visas as part of the travel package, at no extra charge. The Jordanian government does not issue visas to individuals with HIV/AIDS and prohibits individuals carrying the disease from entering the country. For obvious reasons, the country does not test every entering visitor for the disease and relies on an honour system. However, those seeking an extended stay must submit to an HIV/AIDS test. Failure to do so results in immediate deportation.