Cute Things That Couples Do

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When a couple is in love, they end up doing cute things together and for each other that help them stay together. Those little cute things help build the relationship and keep it going while also making others chuckle.

Cute things can vary from calling each other embarrassing nicknames to creating a space to get away from the world and talk to each other.


A happy and healthy relationship starts with communication. A couple that sits down each day and talks to each other, whether it is about silly things like finding the oddest looking pair of shoes you've ever seen or serious problems, is one of the keys to a successful and happy relationship. It also becomes a special experience as couples turn their communication time into something cute. For example, a powwow under a makeshift tent made of bedcovers while talking on the bed or making up little names for their daily conversation adds a certain degree of cuteness to the act.

Playing Games

Couples that relax and play together not only have fun, but also build up happy memories to get through hard times. Couples often play games together that range from playing in an arcade, tag in the park or playing sports against or with each other. Games can also take a romantic spin for the couple playing in the privacy of their own house.

Funny Nicknames

Couples are constantly making up nicknames for each other. While the act of making up nicknames is cute and sweet, it can take a funny turn as well. Nicknames can range from the basic "honey" and "dear" to something more personal and ridiculous.

Holding Hands or Touching

Couples often touch throughout the day. When walking together, they might hold hands, which is not only cute but also romantic. For the couples not comfortable holding hands, they might bump into each other while walking or walk with one arm around each other. This constant touching is a physical display of affection and love.