Raffle Drawing Ideas

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Raffles help raise money for schools, churches and other organisations. To organise a raffle, you first need to decide what the prize or prizes you want to give way. Select prizes that will tempt people into buying tickets. Next, sell numbered tickets to friends, family members, coworkers and strangers.

Finally, draw the winning ticket number and award the prize.

Money Raffles

Award a monetary prize to the raffle winner or winners. Give away a set monetary prize to the winner such as £65. The rest of the money collected from the raffle sales go towards the fundraiser. Or base the award money on a percentage of your raffle sales such as 25 per cent of the sales goes to the winner. You can also entice more people to buy tickets by offering second or third place prizes. Give these winners a lower dollar amount or percentage than the first place winner.

Electronic Raffles

Hold a raffle with electronics as the prize. You can either purchases these electronics with a portion of the money you raised through raffle sales or ask local businesses to donate the prizes, allowing your organisation to keep all the profits for the ticket sales. For first place prizes, consider giving away big screen televisions, laptops, stereo systems or gaming consoles. Second and third place winner receive items such as MP3 players, DVD players or a GPS.

Travel Raffles

Entice people to participate in your raffle by offering a trip as the prize. These raffles usually only have one winner. For smaller raffles, offer a weekend stay at a local hotel, bed and breakfast or winery for the prize. If you're hosting a large raffle with expensive ticket costs, give away a package vacation to a large city such as New York or Los Angeles, round trip airfare or a week long cruise. Talk to airlines and hotels about giving your organisation discounts on their services.

Car Raffles

Cars make great prizes for raffles. People will pay more for raffle tickets when the raffles offers high-end prizes. Always check with the dealer or seller to see if you can get the vehicle donated or discounted to earn more money for your fundraiser. Give away sports cars, luxury cars, sport utility vehicles or collector cars.

Gift Token Raffles

You can also award gift tokens or cards that were donated by local businesses. Choose gift cards from electronic, home improvement, sporting good, clothing or department stores. Also, you can give away gift cards to restaurants, beauty salons or spas. Award gift cards as the main prize or combine them with a travel, electronic or car raffle as second and third place prizes.