The telltale signs of a pedophile or molester

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Paedophiles are among a parent's worst nightmares. The damage they can do to children will scar them for life and no parent would let that happen to his child if he could prevent it. Consequently, parents would like to know the telltale signs of a paedophile or molester so they can protect their children.

While there is no foolproof profile, there are a number of behaviours parents should be wary of.

Basic Motivation

All paedophiles are motivated by the same basic drive: they are attracted to children. All of their behaviour and life choices are designed to put them in positions where they can take advantage of opportunities to abuse children. Unfortunately, this motivation is not always transparent: indeed, a paedophile's success in his own perverse goal depends on appearing harmless and not specifically standing out. However, cautious parents can both look for predatory behaviour and take active steps to prevent it.

Being Alone With Children

Paedophiles will go out of their way to spend time with children. This can take the form of volunteering in children's after-school programs, coaching sporting teams or offering their services as babysitters. Paedophiles need to have time to be alone with children, since most will begin abusing a child with seemingly innocuous or chance touching. Then, they will begin increasingly blatant abuse. Because paedophiles will try to take on the very roles that people who genuinely want to help, not abuse, children, assume merely being around children does not make someone a paedophile.

Prey on Vulnerable

Paedophiles seek out the easiest targets: children who are emotionally vulnerable. Frequently emotional and socio-economic vulnerability will come hand in hand. Paedophiles might choose to prey on single parent families: they might offer free babysitting services to save the parent money while she works, which gives the paedophile time alone with a vulnerable child. They could also be coaches who identify an individual who is determined to improve. This not only gives the paedophile an opportunity for private sessions but also gives the paedophile a starting position of power over the child.

Spouse for Cover

If paedophiles have a spouse, it will mostly be for cover. Because paedophiles are attracted to children, it means that they aren't interested in their spouses in the way a normal husband or wife would be. One major sign that you should not leave your children alone around an individual would be if you see more interest taken in children, often of a particular age group, than in a husband or wife.