Teacher appreciation homemade gifts ideas

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Teacher appreciation week gives parents and children the opportunity to thank teachers for their hard work and commitment. A homemade gift shows that you have taken time and effort into creating something personal. Your child's teacher will not expect an extravagant or expensive gift; often a handwritten note or something that comes from the heart are the most treasured gifts of all.

Best Teacher Diploma

Teachers often reward hardworking students with certificates and stickers. Have your child create a "World's best teacher" diploma on a piece of card stock to present to his teacher. Include enough room for the name of the teacher, the date and a space for your child to officially sign the document. Decorate the diploma with glue and crayons and place into a frame to protect it. Alternatively, laminate the finished diploma instead so that it does not rip in his backpack.

Thank You Plant

A potted plant is a sweet gesture that will not only brighten up your teacher's desk, but also serve as a metaphor for how her guidance has assisted her students. Glue a photograph of your child or the entire class onto a small piece of card stock. Write the words "Thank you for helping me to grow" above the image. Attach the piece of card onto a wooden stick and place into the soil.

Heartfelt Letter

Many teachers often comment that the most thoughtful gifts are simply students or parents expressing appreciation in the form a handwritten note. Sit down together with your child and talk about when your teacher has done something that has made a difference, such as making math simpler to understand or stopping bullies. Put your thoughts into words and write a heartfelt letter of appreciation. This will mean more than any generic candy or chocolate that you could buy from a store.

Appreciation Scrapbook

Organise pictures and mementos from your child's school life into a commemorative scrapbook. Include a poster from the school play, class photographs and a handwritten poem from your child. Bind the contents together into a small book using decorative ribbon. Start the book with a message from your child such as "I appreciate Mr Jones because he is kind and helpful." Alternatively, ask each member of the class to write a short message into the book as a gift from the whole class.

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