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Which Gutter Guards Are the Best?

Updated February 21, 2017

Rain and debris do not make a good combination around the house.Those whose climate includes heavy rain know about the problems that can result when blocked gutters can't carry rain water efficiently. There are several excellent design options to consider if you need a quality gutter guard system.

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Micro Mesh

In an article on the Trinity Exteriors website ("How to Choose the Best Gutter Guard System"), micro mesh over an extruded frame is listed as one of the best gutter guard designs available. A micro mesh guard has little holes in it so water can run through it without allowing debris and other objects to enter the gutter and block the flow of water. This type of gutter guard is appealing to homeowners due to ease of installation and lower price.

Gutter Helmet

The Gutter Helmet brand of rain gutter protection has been named the best by the Renewable Energy World website. This gutter protection system is a full cover that goes over the rain gutters of your house to keep out leaves and other debris. The cover of this system hangs over the side of the gutter and has a small 3/8" slit at the edge that allows water to get in while debris falls over the side. The material used to make this cover will not stain or rust and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Gutter Glove

This gutter protection system is made from aluminium that allows water to enter your gutters while a mesh cover blocks leaves and debris. Touted by the Gutter Protection Review website, the aluminium used in this system is described as preferable to plastic and other materials. The Gutter Glove is built to work efficiently even when the rain is coming down at levels over 200 inches per hour. To get the best results, you should find a professional to install your Gutter Glove system and provide a warranty.

Amerimax 85198

The Amerimax 85198 is a gutter guard system described as efficient and listed as the best in a press report from the Consumer Research website. This do-it-yourself system can be found at home improvement stores and will prevent having to spend money for a professional installation.

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