Ideas for birthday parties for 11-year-olds

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The 11th birthday is a reminder that your child will soon be a teenager and would likely prefer a more sophisticated theme for a birthday party this year. Using the 11-year-old's favourite activities or foods as inspiration will help you come up with an enjoyable 11th birthday party that your child and his friends won't soon forget.

"Doubles" Party

Since "11" is the first age that is two of the same digit, plan a party with a "doubles" theme for your son. Allow him to choose two of his favourite cake flavours, both in the shape of the number 1, and serve the two desserts at the celebration. Decorate the party space in two of the colours he likes best, or with two themes -- even if they don't necessary go together, e.g. aeroplanes and martial arts. Plan two main events for the birthday party, like taking the guests out for a movie or watching your son's favourite film at home, then organising a game of baseball or football outside after the movie.

Art Party

Organise a celebration where your 11-year-old can showcase his art, and he and his small group of friends can create more masterpieces. Serve "sophisticated" art gallery fare, like toasted peanut butter and honey finger sandwiches, or mini sandwiches with deli slices of chicken or turkey and gourmet cheeses. Set up easels in the party space (this is a suitable outdoor party) for guests to paint art about what it means to be 11 (the kids may decide to paint pictures of friends, their favourite sport or electronic device) and display some of your son's artwork at the party as gallery decoration. Take lots of candid photos of the artists at work; print the photos before the guests leave and house them in the mini frames you've purchased to give the kids as party favours.

Cooking and Spa Party

A cooking party is ideal for an 11-year-old who loves helping you in the kitchen. Come up with the birthday party menu with the 11-year-old and help her choose a few friends to invite for the celebration so you can tell the parents what ingredients to bring to make the meal complete. Send the menu along with the invitations, e.g. individual pizzas, spaghetti and meatballs, or stir fry, and purchase paper chef hats and aprons for each guest. After all their hard work in the kitchen, the girls will love the spa and slumber party section of your daughter's birthday celebration. Purchase bottles of nail polish in your daughter's favourite colour, and some of the guests' parents to help you give the girls manicures, pedicures, and facials using ingredients like avocado and oatmeal, which are gentle on the skin.

"11" Themed Party

A birthday celebration where the number 11 is the main theme will give your daughter the opportunity to include lots of her favourite things at her party. Let her select 11 foods to serve the guests, such as four types of fruit, which can be incorporated into a fruit salad, three desserts, one of which (cupcakes or cookies) you can use as a party favour, and four entrées for guests to choose from, like hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, and tacos. Help her compile a guest list of 11 friends, and decorate the table with edible centrepieces in groups of 11, like 11 dinner mints, mini brownies, or soft pretzels with dipping sauce. Put together a CD of party background music for her made of 11 of her favourite songs to play while she and her friends socialise.

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