Outdoor Barbecue Area Ideas

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A barbecue, from a simple grill to an entire outdoor kitchen, expands your cooking space to the outdoors. Barbecue has become synonymous with relaxing and your area can express the type of backyard recreational cooking that suits your style. Whether it's a patio with comfortable seating or a gourmet cooking area complete with a fireplace, your outdoor barbecue area is yours to design.

Poolside Cooking

A poolside barbecue area can bring the total feel of summertime to your back yard. A well-placed patio table and chairs along with the grill complete an entire area devoted to summertime fun. Enough space between the pool and grill area is important to make sure safety is considered. A a concrete extension to the poolside area can house the barbecue itself. Add large potted plants to make a small separation of the area from the pool itself. Decorate the area with a tropical feel to complete a nice poolside barbecue area.

Garden Patio

A brick paver or concrete patio area can be a cosy garden setting for your backyard barbecue area. Flowers, planters and a water feature give a garden feel to the cooking and eating areas. The grill can be large or small, gas or electric; your personal tastes dictate the size and style. A wooden table and chairs or ornate iron work patio set fit the garden theme. Add decor such as outdoor candle holders and garden-themed table settings. This type of outdoor barbecue area would be comfortable and guest- or family-friendly.

Decked Out

An outdoor deck is a classic barbecue area as the deck is often off the back of the house in an area close to the indoor kitchen. It doesn't have to be plain or dreary, either. Beef it up by adding a comfortable patio set with cushioned chairs and an umbrella for the table to add shade. Building a wood pergola for shade sets your barbecue area apart and creates a stylish space. Extra furnishings like a comfortable outdoor love seat with a low coffee table makes this feel like an extension of the house and not just a barbecue spot on the deck. An extra table for utensils and cookery completes the setting and gives you extra space when barbecuing on your deck.

Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens can be simple or like a complete kitchen without walls. An outdoor kitchen requires a larger type grill or a built-in cooktop in a stationary cooking space. A wall-type construction that separates your outdoor kitchen from other areas usually houses the grill or cooktop and a countertop built of outdoor friendly materials. An oven, side burners, refrigerator and even a sink are other options for the outdoor kitchen. Granite and stone tile are popular counter surfaces. Building a pavilion-type roof, a patio and adding furniture completes the setting.

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