Rain Forest Poster Ideas

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Rainforests are important because at least half of the species on earth make them their home. With an eye-catching poster, you can share your knowledge about rainforests and help protect them by educating and inspiring people.


Plants provide shelter and food for animals in the rainforest. Make a poster that celebrates the biodiversity of rainforests. Research some of the different types of plants and collect interesting facts about the plants to use in your poster. (See Resources.) For example, epiphytes, also called air plants, live on branches, trees and leaves of trees and include many colourful orchids. Use craft paint and markers to create a colourful background. Write some of the facts about each plant on labels. Cut out photographs of plants and flowers and glue them on your poster next to the labels.


Trees are home to many species of animals and make up the top two layers, or strata, in rainforests. Make a poster that shows the tallest trees, or emergents. On a label, describe the types of trees that make up this layer, usually broadleaved, hardwood evergreens.The next layer is the canopy; these trees have smooth, oval leaves that are pointed. Include labels with a few facts about these types of trees. Use photographs or artwork of the animals that live in these two strata.


One typical five-square-mile area of Amazon rainforest supports over 500 species of butterflies. You could make a colourful poster that focuses on some of the butterfly species found in a particular rainforest. Use paint and markers to make an attractive background for the butterflies. Research some interesting facts about butterflies to include in your poster, such as how long they live and how fast they can fly.


Rainforests are being destroyed by human activities, such as logging, agriculture, cattle ranching, large dams and mining. Research these environmental problems and make a poster that highlights these issues. For example, show how deforestation is destroying rainforests. Use a photograph or paint a picture showing what a damaged section of rainforest looks like. Include a list of ways people can help reduce deforestation, such as recycling paper, using tree-free paper products, printing on both sides of computer paper and using cloth napkins. You could make a poster with a photograph or artwork showing a rainforest being slashed and burnt for cattle ranching. Include a list of ways people can prevent this, such as reducing the amount of beef they eat, buying locally grown beef and avoiding canned pet food that contains beef.

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