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Craft Ideas With Organza

Updated April 17, 2017

Organza is a sheer, plain-weave fabric with a crisp finish. This lightweight fabric made from nylon, rayon, cotton or silk looks the same on the front and back. Nylon organza may be more durable and better suited to crafts than silk organza, which may tear during machine sewing. Craft ideas for this dressy fabric include gift bags, jewellery, home decor and seasonal decorations.

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Organza can make reusable gift bags of different shapes and sizes. You can craft a bag by folding a rectangle of organza fabric in half and sewing seams on the sides. A hem at the top can include a small opening for a drawstring or ribbon.

Small squares of organza sewn together become sachets filled with aromatic lavender, cedar or rosemary. These sachets can add scent to a clothes drawer or bathwater.

Organza also adds a festive look to party favours. Place favours in the middle of a cut circle of organza and then tie the bundle with a ribbon.


A long strip of organza can transform into a textured necklace or bracelet. If you fold the strip like an accordion, you can work a piece of metal memory wire through the centres of the folded squares. A clasp attaches to each end of the wire.

You can also create a pendant from organza. For example, a strip of organza can roll into a rosebud shape. Additional green organza can shape into surrounding leaves. Flared petals made from this dressy fabric can fasten together with a few stitches and decorate a choker. A bow tied from ribbon organza also makes an elegant pendant or brooch.

Home Decorating

Organza curtains such as swags, cafe curtains and valances allow light to filter into your room and still provide some privacy. Please note that this sheer fabric will show any seams and hems.

For your table, organza trim can add a more decorative touch to the edging of place mats. An organza ribbon can become an elegant napkin ring for luncheons. Organza also covers chair backs to hide imperfections or to set a colour theme for a party.

Seasonal Celebrations

At Easter, you can line Easter baskets with organza as a backdrop for the treats. A small cushion covered with organza makes a setting for decorative pumpkins, corn cobs and other food items for a Thanksgiving centrepiece. This reusable cushion will take up less space than a cornucopia. A Christmas wreath with organza ribbons offers a welcome sight for your guests. Long strips of this dressy fabric can wrap around your Christmas tree for a crisp finish.

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