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Can I use a mandoline slicer to make waffle fries?

A mandolin will give you success at making waffle fries; in fact, it is the only way to obtain consistent results. Yet not all mandolins are created equal, and only some have interchangeable blades. Of those, only a few come with a rippled blade that can cut a ridged slice, like Ruffles crisps. Of these very few mandolins, the rippled blade is normally quite shallow, cutting a dainty waffle as opposed to those super waffles found at Chick-fil-A.

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A mandolin is a kitchen tool that is basically a plank with a very sharp blade fixed to the centre. Some have a handle to keep them up, but most have fold-out feet that allow space for the product to fall between the board and work surface. All mandolins are designed to cut super-thin slices and are created to obtain perfectly consistent results. Chefs use mandolins in professional kitchens for their speed and consistency, and the instrument has caught the attention of many home chefs to obtain these results at home.


In the first illustrated cookbook, from 1570 by Bartolomeo Scappi, was a drawing of a board with a blade used to cut food. The devise was later named a mandolin because it was played by cooks similarly to how a mandolin instrument is played. As time went on, the mandolin was revamped to make it safer with legs to hold it up and guards to hold the food to prevent cuts.

Waffle fries, meanwhile, were not patented until 1996 when five potato freezing companies laid claim to the delicacy at the same time. They appeared in restaurants as early as 1935.


On the updated versions, mandolin blades may be adjusted to produce various thicknesses of cuts. Removable vertical blades create julienne or French fry cuts. Some have a removable horizontal blade that can be straight, serrated or ridged. Traditionally, this horizontal blade is straight, but models are made with a V-blade. The V shape of this blade redistributes the pressure on the food allowing for softer foods, such as tomatoes, to be easily sliced.

Making Waffle Fries

Be sure that the mandolin you purchase has a ridged blade and insert it into the mandolin per the manufacturer's instructions. To make waffle fries, hold one end of a cleaned or peeled potato in your palm and, keeping your fingers curled away from the blade, run the potato down the mandolin's incline, across the blade. Rotate the potato 90 degrees and sweep down the incline again. Under the mandolin, you will have your first waffle fry. The thickness depends on the blade.

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