Good Gift Ideas for 18 Years of Marriage

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According to, studies forecast that married couples will get divorced about a third of the time before year 10, and about 43 per cent within 15 years of marriage. The younger a couple is, the more likely they are to end up in divorce.

Considering these statistics, a wedding anniversary is definitely something to cherish and celebrate.

Traditional Gifts for Couples

A couple in their 18th year of marriage will most likely already have everything they need for their household, so unless you know of a particular item they are coveting, it's best to stick to something other than the usual kitchen appliance or bath ensemble.

The old traditional gift for year 18 is the cat's eye stone and the modern version is porcelain. Porcelain would be the better choice to give to a couple. Suggestions include painted porcelain candlesticks for the dining room or mantel, a porcelain tea set for two or a porcelain figurine meaningful to the couple.

Nontraditional Gifts for Couples

A nontraditional but creative gift is a personalised anniversary magazine cover. The cover has a photo of the couple with various headlines that reflect highlights of their marriage through the years. The cover can be framed and hung on the wall for all to see -- and at the time of publication, is a bargain for less than £13.

Another interesting gift for couples with children is a personalised family tree canvas to be hung in a prominent place. The canvas portrays a watercolour of a tree with 12 heart-shaped leaves, each leaf having the name of a family member. Both the tree and the magazine cover can be ordered on

Gift From Husband to Wife

A piece of jewellery such as a pendant or pair of earrings showcasing the traditional cat's eye crysoberyl stone would be a perfect choice for a husband to give his wife on their 18th anniversary. This rare stone can also be purchased as lab polysilicate, a simulated and far less expensive version, but no less beautiful.

Gift From Wife to Husband

Although a lovely cat's eye ring or cuff links from his wife might be appreciated, many men are simply not into jewellery, and such a gift would remain in the box unused. Other choices might be food and romance related, such as an anniversary dinner cruise or a naughty gift like Bedroom Bucks -- Legal Tender for Lovers, which is sure to please any husband.