Halloween Ideas for Three People

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Draw on fairy tales, pop culture and funny puns when brainstorming Halloween costumes for three people. Whether wrapping up three triplets in cosy pig pyjamas for a night of trick-or-treating or outfitting three male friends as a trio of best friends from a popular movie, costumes for three people can be simple or imaginative.

Cinderella and Stepsisters

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Recreate the relationship between Cinderella and her two evil stepsisters through Halloween costumes. Dress Cinderella as a maid, with a peasant skirt and blouse and ashes smeared on the face, or as the one-shoed beauty fleeing the ball in a plastic slipper and an old prom or bridesmaid dress. Clothe the stepsisters in ill-fitting, tacky dresses. Increase the humour by asking two men to play the roles of the stepsisters. Put them in heels, apply make-up and don outrageous wigs.

See No Evil

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Mimic the classic maxim of "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" as a Halloween costume for three people. Dress as monkeys, which represent the three elements of the traditional Japanese tale, and cover the ears, eyes or mouth throughout the night to represent each participant's avoidance of observing evil. Modernise the idea by dressing in matching outfits of any sort, such as suits or dresses. Improvise ways to cover the ears, eyes and mouth, such as a pair of fuzzy ear warmers, a bandanna and a dust mask.


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Draw inspiration from classic fairy tales when dressing up young triplets for Halloween. Outfit each child with a pig nose and fuzzy pink pyjamas to form the three little pigs. Add to the fun by dressing up Mom or Dad as the not-so-bad wolf with a grey outfit, dog ears and drawn-on whiskers. Similarly, dress the triplets in brown to be the three bears and dress Mom as Goldilocks, complete with a blue and white dress, apron and a long yellow wig.


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Bring out the paparazzi by dressing a trio as a famous rock band. Pile on ten gallon hats, big scruffy beards and cowboy boots for a ZZ Top impersonation. Slick on the hair gel and all-American smiles for three middle school boys posing as the Jonas Brothers. Create personalised versions of the Spice Girls, making up a new persona based on the trio's own quirks, talents and interests. Represent the double life of Hannah Montana by dressing up one girl as the best friend and the other two as Hannah and Miley, complete with the requisite brunette and blonde wigs.

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