Birthday party ideas for 14-year girls

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Hosting a birthday party for a 14-year-old girl can be challenging, as her styles and trends change daily. Throw your daughter a theme party she and her friends will remember for years to come. Select a theme that goes with her personality and interests.

She can help you make the invitations, decorations and a few games that fit her party theme.

Beauty Salon

Decorate the party area like a beauty salon with different stations. Have a station for hair, nails, make-up and mud masks. The girls can visit each station and do their own hair, nails, make-up and mud masks or do each other's. If you do not want to do stations, consider taking your daughter and her friends to a nearby nail salon. They can get their nails and toes done. Attach a tube of lipstick to each invitation and hand-deliver to your guests. Play a game of blind makeovers where the girls will blindfold one another and attempt to put lipstick, eye shadow, powder and blush on each other.

Mardi Gras

Hang several Mardi Gras beads around the party, as well as purple, green and gold decorations. Mail each party guest's invitation in a padded envelope with Mardi Gras beads and a feather mask to wear to the party. Give the guests purple, gold and green girlie party favours like hairbrushes, mirror compacts, make-up and hair accessories. Have a Mardi Gras theme treasure hunt by hiding several gold coins around the party area. Give each girl a bag to try to find as many coins as she can. Award a prize to the girl who finds the most coins.

Mock Prom

Since most girls love prom night, have a mock prom night theme for your teen daughter. Tell the guests to dress in formal attire. Have an adult snapping "professional prom" pictures throughout the night. Your guests can have their hair and make-up done before they come to the party, or all the girls can do this together when everyone arrives. Create an open space to use as a dance floor and play music for the girls to dance. The girls can play a game of Find My Heels. Have all the girls take off their dress shoes and place them in a pile. Tell them to make a circle around the shoes with their backs facing the shoes. Mix the shoes up and dump several boxes of packing peanuts on the shoes. The first girl to find and put on her dress shoes wins the game.

Exchange Party

Most teen girls love new clothes and accessories. On the party invitation, tell each guest to bring old clothes and accessories she wants to get rid of. At the party have the girls exchange clothes and accessories with one another. Give the a girls iron-on patches, ribbon, glitter pens, fabric, zippers, buttons and sewing supplies to decorate the clothes. After the girls decorate all the clothes and accessories, place them up for auction. Give each girl £65 in play money to spend on the clothes and accessories. The highest bid wins each item.