Lego-themed bedroom decor for kids

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A classic building toy since 1932, LEGO blocks delight boys and girls alike -- from youth through adulthood. Decorate an individual or shared bedroom in the iconic brick pattern, or opt for subtle geometric prints in bright primary colours. Use licensed merchandise such as LEGO branded accessories to complement your design. Paint LEGO stencils or shapes on walls or use textured patterns. Update the look as kids grow with accessories like bookends built of LEGO blocks.


Clean lines and minimal detailing pair to match furniture with the shape and style of the building blocks. Low craft or train tables with inset LEGO bases give kids a designated place to play and minimise a grownup's risk of stepping on a brick. Square bookshelves duplicate the 2 x 2 blocks while rectangular shelves echo the 2 x 4 bricks. Combine rectangular and square bookshelves to create custom designs in a variety of LEGO patterns. Dressers, bureaus and chests of drawers with sets of small shelves or drawers complete the brick-styled furniture. Paint drawers or shelves to look and feel like the bricks, complete with the raised dot connectors. Tint paint bold red, sunny yellow and bright blue to accent bookcases or dressers in colour blocks or fun geometric patterns.


Colour blocked quilts, brick-patterned sheets and shams or throw pillows styled like LEGO shapes or LEGO men customise the decor to your child's interests and style. Create a LEGO man or woman wearing your child's favourite outfit, styled after a favourite book or movie character or make an entire LEGO family in throw pillows. Match curtains and valances to bedding with patchwork or colour block designs. Solid coloured sheet sets mix and match with a quilted bedspread in a variety of patterns or colours while tie-dyed sheets or pillowcases add to the fun and playful quality of the room. Egg crate padding on the mattress can even duplicate the raised connectors on LEGO bricks.

Lighting and Decor

Cube-shaped lampshades, picture frames built of LEGO bricks and flowers or other accessories constructed entirely of the blocks make whimsical decor. Jars or vases full of single-colour bricks or LEGO people heads add an interesting touch for older kids' rooms while sculptures and statues offer more dramatic decor. Stencil or paint the LEGO logo, patterns or brick designs onto plain lampshades for customised decor, or build nameplates out of multicoloured brick patterns. Accent curtain rods or hooks with ceramic knobs shaped like LEGO heads or bricks. Design your own pieces from sculpting or modelling clay, or use shrinking plastic craft material to make decorative accents.

Licensed LEGO Items

Licensed LEGO items, from toy boxes and play tables to towels and LEGO display sets, add the finishing touch to your LEGO room decor. Use seasonal LEGO items for holiday decorations from Valentine's Day and Easter to Halloween, Christmas and Hanukkah. Incorporate LEGO display-set items, such as the space shuttle, Star Wars-branded figures and models, or Harry Potter-branded figurines and the Hogwarts castle. LEGO Christmas tree ornaments, Easter eggs and other holiday items double as both decor and gifts.

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