Flowers in season in august

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By August, many plants have already flowered and gone to seed for the season. To keep your garden looking fresh through August and into fall, include plants that flower later in the season. This way, your garden will continue to be colourful, even as the summer season comes to an end.


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Lilies bloom later in the growing season, usually in July or August. Lily varieties that bloom in August include the African lily and Peruvian lily, both of which have long-lasting blooms. Some calla lilies flower in August, depending on the colour and size of the plant. Amazon lilies have tall stocks and the five-petal flowers that people traditionally associate with lilies. Glory lilies are the national flower of Zimbabwe and are similar in shape to calla lilies.

Daisy-Shaped Flowers

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If you like the look of daisies, there are August blooming plants whose flowers are similarly shaped. Anemone plants have daisy-shaped blooms and come in vibrant and soft colours. Asters have flowers that look like miniature daisies but are close to the ground instead of on long stems. Chrysanthemum plants bloom in August but will last throughout fall. Cosmos flowers come in a variety of colours, including white with yellow centres. Echinacea is an herb used to boost the immune system but it also has beautiful purple blooms.


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Some herbs bloom later in the season. They can keep your herb garden or window box looking fresh until fall. Dill is often used as a filler plant and it has small yellow blooms. St. John's Wort is used to treat depression and grows berries in August. Lavender has stems of purple blooms that are very fragrant. Mint has stems of small purple flowers, similar to lavender but more feathery in texture.


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Late-blooming roses include the autumn damask, which has pink double flowers and boule de neige, which has white blooms that resemble snowballs. The Cuthbert grant rose is a traditional red rose with large blooms. The dainty bess rose has small pink-peach blooms that resemble apple blossoms. Europeana roses are medium sized with bright red blooms that have yellow centres. Honorine de Brabant roses have blooms with layers of striped petals in light pink and purple that resemble peony flowers.