Ideas for Honoring a Loved One Who Has Died

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The tradition of honouring a loved one who has died goes back as far as recorded history. There are many creative, respectful ways to honour a loved one besides a funeral service, which is often expensive and often against the deceased's wishes.

Participate in a Charity Walk or Run

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Participating in a charity walk or run is a strong way to honour a deceased loved one who battled cancer or another chronic disease. Foundations fighting a specific disease sponsor walks or runs to honour those who have suffered or are still suffering. Your entire family and groups of friends can participate. Plus, physical activity such as walking or running is a great way to reduce stress and maintain a positive attitude during hard times.

Remembrance Anniversary Gathering

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On the date of your loved one's death, have a gathering at your home -- whether it's just close family members or the entire community. Play games, eat food and tell stories of memories of your loved one. Help keep that memory alive by remembering him each year. You can also consider having the gathering on your loved one's birthday.

Rosaries from Funeral Flowers

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Funeral flowers symbolise the memory of your loved one. If your loved one was Catholic, consider turning the funeral flowers into a rosary. You can also use the flowers to create multiple rosaries, which can be given to all close family members and friends. This gives families a symbol of remembrance and a tool to help them stay strong in their faith.

Plant a Tree

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Consider planting a tree or some of your loved one's favourite plants in your garden or near the place of their death. You can also plant a tree in your loved one's honour in many public parks, but make sure you get permission. Wherever you plant the tree will become a gathering spot for family and friends to remember their loved one. Seeing the plant's growth is a reminder of the importance of moving forward.

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