Birthday Gifts for a Godmother

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A godmother is a very special person in a child's life and may remain so throughout his adult life. Birthday gifts for a godmother should be just as unique as she is to the godchild. There are some terrific ideas for gifts that any godmother would love.


Charm bracelets or necklaces are ideal birthday gifts for godmothers. Purchase a charm bracelet or a charm holder and chain with one charm with the child's birthstone in it. Each year, give an addition charm as a birthday gift to add to the necklace or bracelet.

Handprints and Footprints

When the child is born, give the godmother an album with the baby's photo, footprints and handprints. Each year, for her birthday, give her additional pages for the album containing updated photos, footprints and handprints of her godchild.

Photo Throws

Have a photo of the child or godmother and child together put on a throw for a birthday present. You could also have the photo put on a handbag, pillow, blanket, tapestry or wall canvas.

Bonding Time

Pay for a day of bonding time for the godmother and godchild. Give the godmother gift tokens or tickets from her godchild. Let them spend the afternoon together at a carnival, movie, museum or park, and don't forget to top the day off by including a gift token to a favourite restaurant.