Signs of rude people

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Signs of a rude person are not hard to detect or identify. Inappropriate comments, insulting behaviour and an aloof manner top the list. No one likes rude people. At the same time, it always seems to be someone else who commits the offence. However, you are better off looking at yourself for signs of rudeness before passing judgment on others. Honest self-evaulation will help you become more likable and a better person.

Interrupting Others

If you find yourself interrupting other people on a regular basis, they may perceive your behaviour as rude. Learn to listen as much as you speak, especially in professional situations. The purpose of speech is to communicate rather than simply to enjoy the sound of your own voice. Another potential source of rudeness is how you approach two people having a conversation. In many cases, they may be discussing something of private interest or importance. Interrupting their conversation may be a source of annoyance. Usually, the best policy is to approach, remain silent and interject at an appropriate time.

The "Know-It-All"

Let's assume you have a PhD in physics from MIT. You may know more about string theory than everyone else at the cocktail party. However, that does not mean others will enjoy you showing off that fact. When someone says something wrong about quantum physics, do not correct him in a way that appears combative or condescending. Your expertise may be of value, but introduce your thoughts gently into the dialogue. The indirect approach will keep feelings from getting hurt.

Lack of Communication

Rudeness may result what you do but it also may involve what you do not do. If you do not return phone calls and e-mails, people may consider you to be aloof. Oftentimes, your silence may have perfectly justifiable reasons, such as personal problems or a busy schedule. However, that will not excuse you in the eyes of those who do not know your private life. Try to answer people at some point, even if it happens much later than the initial text or voicemail.


Your own insecurities often put blinders on how you perceive others. For instance, if you are worried about how you look at a party, you may forget to greet a friend or congratulate a colleague on a success in her own life. The irony of insecurity is your greatest flaw may be ignoring others due to negative self-obsession. Another sign of rudeness is talking about yourself. People prefer when you ask them about their own thoughts and lives.

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