What Do the Tuareg People Eat?

The Tuareg people have nomadic roots. The members mainly are located in the Sahara Desert of northern and western Africa. The culture and habits for these people have barely changed over the years. This practice extends into culinary habits, as they tend to eat a rather simplistic diet that primarily consists of grains and dairy. In addition, goat's meat is occasionally used for consumption.


This grain is one of the most widely consumed types consumed by the Tuareg people. Because they mainly live in a desert environment, the Tuareg have limited culinary choices as a result. One of the most popular dishes is called eghajira, which primarily contains millet.

Goat's Cheese and Milk

Dairy is another extremely important aspect of the Tuareg people's diet. One of the most commonly found animals besides camels are goats. As a result, the goat's milk is used for direct drinking, as well as for making cheese. Eghajira also uses goat's milk as well.


Fruits do not account for nearly as much of the Tuareg people's diet as grains and dairy, but they are still eaten at certain times. Melon is one of the more popular fruits that is consumed seasonally.

Goat Meat

In addition to providing milk and cheese, goats are sometimes used for their meat as well. This practice mainly is reserved for holidays. The goats are slaughtered sparingly because of their other uses.


Rice is another food on which the Tuareg depend. The ability of rice to remain edible for long periods of time is ideal for desert dwellers and a nomadic lifestyle.

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