Tips on Euro Disney

Disneyland Paris, or Euro Disney as it's often called, is a tourist attraction just outside of Paris based on the world-famous Disney children's brand. Euro Disney is a collection of theme parks containing rides, with accommodations and restaurants for visitors to enjoy. Since Euro Disney is vast and you won't have an infinite amount of time to spend exploring, following a few tips can help you get the most from this attraction.

When to Go

The time of year in which you go to Euro Disney can have a big effect on your experience. In the spring months, you can enjoy the park's natural attractions, such as its flowers and trees, while the evenings are lighter in the summer, enabling the park's attractions to stay open later. In winter, you'll be able to experience a quieter park with smaller crowds and less expensive accommodations, while at Christmas, you can participate in Euro Disney's festive celebrations.

Hotels and Shuttles

Whether you choose to stay at one of the Disney-owned hotels at Euro Disney or at one of several independent hotels operating nearby, you will need to investigate the times and regularity of your accommodation's shuttle services. These connect you to the park and are typically free, but you'll want to know when they run. Worth bearing in mind is that one of the Disney hotels, the Davy Crockett Ranch, offers no free shuttle access and is a 15-minute drive to Euro Disney.


One of the many attractions of Euro Disney is the opportunity for you and your family to get your photos taken with the Disney characters who roam the park. If you'd like to get such a snap to take home, it's best to inquire as to when the professional photographers who take these shots are available, since they tend to take photos at certain times of the day. If you're taking your own photos of events such as Mainstreet Electrical Light Parade, you'll want to look out for the Point Photo signs displayed throughout the park. These inform photographers of where the best places to stand to take photos are.

On Dining

Euro Disney has plenty of dining options to suit every taste, but be warned that during busy times many get overcrowded. To ensure you're not left disappointed, book ahead, especially when it comes to the park's table service restaurants. Disney-owned hotels, alongside facilities in the park such as the City Hall, operate reservation services.


You can expect crowds at Euro Disney, and long lines can easily develop on the attraction's more popular rides. To avoid frustration, you should try to reach the park as it begins to open, which is typically either 9 or 10 in the morning, depending on the time of year. If a particular ride has a long queue, you can always wait until one of the parades starts and head to that ride then, as the queues will hopefully have dissipated.

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