Most common gifts for 15-year-old boys

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As boys get older, their tastes and interests begin to change. Gone are the days of teddy bears and kiddie games. Even with his maturing, you can still find a perfect gift for your 15-year-old boy. Many common gifts for teenagers can apply as an ideal choice for any birthday or holiday present.

Music Players

Many teenagers enjoy music, and hand-held devices can be picked up at a pretty reasonable price. You can find compact disc players and also devices that play downloaded mp3 music files from the Internet. The mp3 players can also perform other functions as well. For example, Apple's iPod comes in a variety of different products that include radio, touchscreen displays and a pedometer. Apple also sells music downloads through its iTunes store. To accompany your gift, you could also pick up a gift token to the iTunes store so your teen can choose the songs he would like to download and listen to on his own time.

Video Games

Most teenage boys like playing video games, and companies are constantly remodelling their consoles to adapt to the newest technology. Video games can be played through a television set, a computer or through a hand-held device. Deciding what kind of game to get the 15-year-old boy in your life depends on his interests. If he likes cars, then choose a racing game. If he likes professional wrestling, then consider a game featuring World Wrestling Entertainment or other professional wrestling organisation. Some stores sell bundles, allowing you to purchase a console, game, controllers and other equipment for a discounted price.

Sports-Related Gifts

Lots of teen boys are into sports, and this area offers many gift-giving ideas. One idea is to give athletic gear. For example, if he plays baseball, you can buy him a new glove, baseball cleats or baseball caps. You could also purchase memorabilia, game day tickets and other items that he is sure to love from the gift shop of his favourite athletic team.

Gift Tokens

If you are completely unsure of what to give him, then consider buying something that gives him the liberty to buy whatever he wants -- a gift token. Gift tokens are available at most retail stores, restaurants, movie theatres and coffee shops. Many 15-year-old boys prefer this type of gift, because they are able to select an item that they would enjoy.