What are frying steaks?

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Frying steaks are used to make steak and cheese subs and sandwiches. The steaks are even chopped up and tossed onto garden salads to create a light summery meal. Frying steaks are excellent for making budget-friendly beef recipes because they contain the same beefy flavour as a top sirloin steak, but without the thickness and fat. Frying steaks can be bought at local supermarkets in the meat section and at local butchers.

What are frying steaks

Frying (or sizzle) steaks are thinly sliced cuts or shaved slices of beef with a salty flavour and reddish pink look.

Frying the steak

Frying your steak in a stir fry pan only takes about four to five minutes. Fry steak by putting 1 tbsp (around 20 ml) olive oil into the stir fry pan and placing the thinly sliced steak into it. Flip the frying steak around in the pan with a spatula on medium heat until it turns brown. Serve frying steaks with sea salt and black pepper for flavouring.

Seasoning and marinating frying steak

Marinating frying steak in a favourite marinade can help add flavour. Marinate frying steak for 30 minutes until it is well-soaked. Season frying steak with your favourite spices right before frying to help the flavour of the seasoning stick to the meat.

Storing frying steak

Frying steak in the original packaging can keep fresh for up to five days in the refrigerator. Frying steak can also be removed from the packaging the day it is purchased and placed into freezer bags and kept in the freezer. To defrost frying steak, place in the refrigerator on a piece of paper towel for two days.

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