Party ideas for 15-year-olds

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Since 15-year-olds can't have the Sweet 16 party yet, you can find other ideas that your teenager will enjoy for a birthday party. Amazing race parties, dance parties, beach parties and mystery parties are all options that 15-year-olds will enjoy. These parties also won't wreak havoc on your budget.

'Amazing Race' Party

Set up a scavenger hunt prior to the party, just like in the TV show "Amazing Race." Create a main treasure of items that teenagers will enjoy, such as candy, small bills and make-up for girls. Give everyone a different list of clues to find the treasure, and give the main prize to whatever team solves the clues first. Give other smaller prizes to everyone who participates in the contest so that it is fair.

Dance Party

Teens love to dance, so a dance party will make your child's guests happy. Work with your child to come up with a list of songs that can be played, and connect speakers to your CD player or laptop. Buy simple finger foods that the guests can munch while socialising. Have the party in the basement if you have one so that others in the house will not be disturbed by the noise. If not, try the backyard if the weather is good.

Beach Party

If you live near a beach or a lake, take a trip and spend the day sunbathing and swimming. Bring simple foods like hot dogs, chocolate, graham crackers and marshmallows for roasting. Build a bonfire and make s'mores and hot dogs for guests. Encourage guests to bring volleyballs, beach balls, boogie boards or other things that can be used for beach games. Build sand castles, catch sand crabs or collect shells for a fun filled day that your 15-year-old won't forget.

Mystery Party

Mystery parties are an unusual party idea, but can be very exciting once everyone gets into character. Purchase a murder mystery party kit, and assign each guest a personality. Encourage guests to dress up for the theme, whether it be the 1940s, a Southern mystery or another type of themed mystery. Solve the case, then enjoy themed cake and other platter foods that go along with your mystery.

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