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Good Ideas for Speech Topics

Updated April 17, 2017

A good speech can inform, persuade and even entertain an audience on a wide variety of topics. Some speeches can also make people change their behaviour or their point of view. Speakers who give a well-organised speech with solid facts make a topic more engaging and more exciting. When appropriate, using visuals like charts, graphs and photographs, add impact to a speech.

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Speeches about health can cover topics about patient care or the overall health system. With topics about patient care, speakers can address issues about choosing a doctor, selecting a fitness program, quitting smoking, finding a good hospital, identifying warning signs of cancer, losing weight and picking the right vitamins. Topics can also include bioethics, abortion and physician-assisted suicide. The debate over the national health care system provides a number of issues that include paying for a government-run system, placing too much stress on the system to provide all-inclusive care, and changing entitlement programs. Health topics also make for good speeches because they cross into other areas such as politics, religion and ethics.


Speaking about travel and tourism can inform an audience about places to go or persuade an audience to take a trip. Topics can include visiting a foreign country, looking for local cuisine, selecting a tour guide, shopping around for a great vacation deal, picking the best family beach resort and selecting the best cruise. Speeches can focus on other travel-related topics, including travel photography and travel writing. Making a travel speech visual by using photographs and brochures for potential destinations can engage a crowd and increase its interest.


Consumer speeches can focus on personal investments and household finances. Topics can include selecting a stock broker, choosing the right bank, looking for a great real estate investment and picking the best 401K program. When speaking about household finances, topics can include saving money at the grocery store, making the most of a sale, using coupons to get the most out of a shopping trip and shopping consignment stores. Some consumer and financial stories often use a lot of "money-speak," meaning complicated investment terms, banking laws and government regulations that confuse many people, so refrain from including anything that takes time to explain.


Media topics cover a number of different areas including movies, books, journalism, advertising and television and radio. Speaking about the history of any one of these fields can focus on little known facts, the changes incurred over time from new technology and people who made the greatest impact. Topics can also include careers in any of these fields, the type of education needed for a job and ethical training. Speaking about media effects topics can include advertising effects on children, violent video games and the rise of e-books.

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