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Most Fragrant Clematis

Updated July 19, 2017

Choosing one clematis as the most fragrant comes down to matter of opinion. Gardeners prefer one clematis over another for a variety of reasons. This flowering vine offers blossoms of many different colours, shapes and sizes, as well as diverse scents. Among the top candidates for best or most powerful fragrance are Clematis terniflora, Clematis viticella, Clematis armandii and Clematis montana.

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Clematis Terniflora Sweet Autumn

This clematis, also known as Sweet Autumn clematis, gets rave reviews by author Betty Earl in the Sept. 23, 2010, issue of "Christian Science Monitor" for its blossoms' "seductive siren scent." Sweet Autumn's twining vine can extend up to 30 feet. Its tiny flowers are star-shaped, white and prolific, appearing like a white blanket draped over fences, rocks, arbors or other supporting structures. Earl calls this vanilla-scented clematis a vigorous, easy-to-grow, beautiful "sweetly-scented charmer."

Clematis Viticella Betty Corning

This hardy beauty can tolerate both heat and harsh cold weather and produces luscious, deep violet blue flowers shaped like bells, each about 2 inches across. This heirloom was introduced in 1932 and is also known as virgin's bower. This clematis is one of the most fragrant of any clematis, according to "Wayside Gardening" in its online catalogue. "Wayside Gardening" notes that Betty Corning's brilliant blooms, remarkable resistance to weather extremes and the power of its blossoms' aroma contributed to its winning a gold medal from the Pennsylvania Horticulture Society.

Clematis Armandii Apple Blossom

The Clematis armandii is another contender for honours as the most fragrant of this lush vine, according to author Monty Don in the Feb. 28, 2011, issue of "The Daily Mail." He terms it "the best-scented of all clematis." Its white blossoms offer an appealing scent starting in early May, against deep green foliage. The Apple Blossom is considered rare, Don says, for the pinkish hue of its flowers as well as its strong vanilla-like aroma.

Clematis Montana

There are many types of clematis Montana. The Montanas are among the most vigorous of the clematis, according to Completely Clematis Specialty Nursery, and their fragrance is most pronounced if planted in full sun. The Montanas are known for their strong growth, early flowering and full masses of tiny blooms. Some of the most popular Montanas are Mayleen, Elizabeth and Pink Perfection, all producing powerful fragrance in their blossoms, as noted by Monty Don in Feb. 28, 2011, issue of "The Daily Mail."

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