Easy Kid's Crafts for Father's Day

Andrew Olney/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Kids love to show Dad how much they love him, and Father's Day is for doing just that. A homemade gift really demonstrates love in a personal way, and there are plenty of crafts that are easy to make and will really bring a smile to a dad's face.

Paper and Card

Get your child to pick photos of some of his favourite moments with Dad and stick them into a small, plain album. Personalise the cover with writing and drawings.

Make a collage of favourite Dad photographs. Cut the pictures out and stick them onto paper board or into a photo frame.

Get your child to frame a picture of herself. Get two pieces of card stock that are about 2 inches bigger than the photo all around. Place your photo on one piece of card, draw around it and cut this shape out. Stick your photo onto the other piece of card and glue the frame shape on top. Decorate the frame with drawings or stick on pictures from magazines.

Desk Gifts

Find a rock about 4 or 5 inches long and paint with acrylic paint to create a personalised paperweight.

Paint cardboard tubes from toilet rolls and glue onto a piece of paperboard to make a desk tidy.

Glue three or more empty matchboxes on top of each other to form a miniature chest of drawers for paper clips, stamps and other small items. Cover the glued boxes with a piece of wrapping paper, remembering not to cover the edge with the drawers. Stick a button on each of the drawers for a handle.

Personalised Items

Personalise a plain T-shirt, boxer shorts or baseball cap with fabric paints or pens. Get older children to write their own slogans for Dad on the item -- "My Dad Rocks," for example. If you are using paints, get younger children to make handprints.

Decorate a plain mug using enamel paints, or use blackboard paint to create a panel on the front of a mug, where you can leave a different message every day.


Bake or buy Dad's favourite cookies or cakes and decorate them with water icing and sweets. Ice letters on each cookie to spell out "Daddy."

Decorate a glass jar using glass paints, stickers or glue and magazine pictures. Fill the jar with Dad's favourite sweets.

Create a pile of food and drink promise vouchers. For example, a voucher could promise to make Dad a cup of coffee or make his breakfast. Young children could promise to fetch him a cookie or bring him a can of soda. Dad can "cash" the vouchers in whenever he likes.