An MC's Duties at a Birthday Party

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MC is short for Master of Ceremonies and may often be written as emcee. An MC can be an important part of a birthday party, acting as a host to allow the birthday boy or girl to enjoy the party along with guests. Although the party atmosphere will provide a good time, the MC ideally remains focused on the multifaceted responsibilities the job demands.


The MC is the key person on the microphone at a birthday party. Depending on the type of party, the MC will make the necessary announcements to keep partygoers on the same page, while providing a lively and upbeat form of entertainment. For instance, at a wedding, the MC will introduce the groom, bride and their party. At a birthday party, the MC may introduce family and close friends to the crowd or the birthday boy or girl. An MC will also announce special segments of the party such as the Happy Birthday song or the cutting of the cake.

Music Selection

In many cases, the MC is also the DJ of the party, functioning to select what music to play and when. When the MC and DJ are separate people, the two will work closely together with the MC signalling to the DJ when to play general party music or special purpose music (such as the song to play at a Sweet 16 party when the young lady dances with her father). At times, the MC may also take song requests from the crowd.

Setting the Tone

Generally, people are in good spirits during a birthday party, but the MC will chime in as necessary to add excitement to the celebration. This may include exhibiting a lively and upbeat personality with every announcement and using well-timed humour during ceremonies. In addition, the MC may talk over songs to add a layer of interactivity to the song and encourage party goers to join in by singing, dancing and having a good time. Overall, an MC works the microphone to spread the joy the birthday party requires, and he feels connected to the celebrating.

Setting the Pace

Birthday parties are events with specific start and end times. In addition, there are multiple segments during the party that happen at logical times; introductions which should happen toward the start of the party, and food and drinks should be served at near the midpoint of the party. An MC's job is to keep track of the party progress so that he or she can provide the necessary instructions to move the party agenda forward. When unintended gaps occur, an MC will "fill in" to keep the party moving as smoothly as possible.

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