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Funny Poems About Daughters

Updated April 17, 2017

As you celebrate your daughter's progression through life, you may find yourself facing adolescent strife, birthdays and random desires to express the unconditional love you have for your child. A note or a card with a funny poem can express your feelings, even during turbulent teenage years, and bring your family closer together through laughter.

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"Maid of Money"

In the short poem "Maid of Money," poet Bob Wombacher Jr. describes the interaction between a frantic parent and a doctor. The parent is worried because his or her daughter swallowed a nickel and it could make her sick. The humour comes in with the doctor's response to the whole story.

"Maid of Money"

"Doc, I'm really in a pickle;

My little girl just ate a nickel,

And then coughed up, in random order,

A dime, three pennies and a quarter.

I'm at a loss, Doc; what to do?

I'll leave prognoses up to you."

I prosper doing as he bid:

Feeding nickels to my kid.

"Ode to (Amanda)"

Parents can personalise this poem about unconditional love for a child, despite her being lazy, messy and always wearing pyjamas. Simply replace the name and remove the parentheses.

"Ode to (Amanda)"

Your bedroom is a garbage tip

In clutter it's knee deep

You're always in your "Jamas"

Cos you're never far from sleep

Your total lack of energy

Would put a sloth to shame

But we wouldn't swap you for the world

Cos we love you just the same

Strawberry blond and brainy

A combination that's not bad

This is just to say we're proud of you

With love from Mom and Dad

Daughter Poetry #3

Daughter Poetry #3 is vague enough that any Mom can customise it by omitting the title and inserting a child's name. Even Dads can use this poem to welcome their daughters to adolescence, by modifying the last line.

To my lovely daughter (Susie)

I just have this to say

Have a very happy birthday

On this your special day

Oftimes you drive me crazy

It's like living in a zoo

You're a lazy, untidy so and so


Despite your new found teenage-itis

Happy 13th Birthday

Lot's of Love From Mom

Teenage Princess

While you love your daughter beyond all measure, there are times when she tests your patience. This poem specifically notes the irritation a parent feels when her daughter discovers shopping.

"Teenage Princess"

I know how it is to need money--

As much as I can get;

My teenager goes to the mall,

And I go into debt.

Most kids' first words are "Ma-ma,"

She said "Vi-sa" with a smile;

She has a black belt in shopping,

And a package from every aisle! (

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