Crazy ideas for rides to a prom

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If you want to look good when arriving to your high school prom, you need to plan ahead and save some money. Many kids will be borrowing the family car and some will even be saving up to rent a limousine to get them to and from the party.

If you are thinking a limo is a good idea, take it one step further and truly make a statement with your ride to prom.


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A horse-drawn carriage is a romantic option. While it doesn't offer the moon roof for screaming out at people, it will make for a more quiet, romantic evening. A carriage is an excellent choice for the girl who wants to be a princess. It is an affordable option and, assuming it is available in your area, it is a way to bring some civility, class and romance to the high school prom.

Helicopter Charter

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Anyone who is ready to pay big money for a loaded lino should give a helicopter charter strong consideration. While the helicopter isn't as loaded up with creature comforts as the limo, it will offer a once-in-a-lifetime memory. If you chose to charter it for both arrival and departure you could have a romantic trip through the city as well. Realistically, much of the elaborate ride to prom is about making a statement. What grander statement could you make than landing a helicopter on the 50-yard line of your school's field? Amid the chaos, you and your date step out and send your pilot on his way.

Monster Truck

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Take it a step farther and hire a monster truck driver to be your personal chauffeur for the evening. It is common for these performers to do all sorts of side work when they aren't at the arena. They can be hired for parties and weddings and showing up to prom in "The Mean Streak" will definitely make a statement.

Tandem Skydive

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For the truly adventurous, arrange for a tandem skydive. It would be very expensive since you would need to charter the flight, hire professional tandem jumpers and arrange for a unique drop zone nut, if you want to make it a night to remember. Tandem jumping would be required as you would need the precision of expert skydivers to land in limited landing zones like your school's car park or sporting fields. However, this would also absolve you of post jump responsibility. You simply land, detach, see to your date, pin a corsage and stroll on in knowing you had the grandest entrance of all.