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Ideas for filling large vases

Updated April 17, 2017

You can fill large vases with just about anything. The traditional approach is to fill them with flowers, but with a little imagination, you can do so much more. Create stunning focal points for your decor by filling large clear-glass vases with items that match your decor and personal style.

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Fruit is the perfect filler for a large vase--especially in the kitchen or dining room. And this filler does double duty by actually storing fruits right where you can see them and reach in to get a piece for yourself. Fill the vase with a single fruit theme like oranges, or layer different fruits for colour, texture and size. Either way, you have an interesting piece for your counter or table.

Sea Shells

If you're trying to create a beach theme in your home or cottage, fill one or more large clear vases with sea shells. You can collect the sea shells yourself or purchase them online or in beach markets. Larger shells do nicely for the larger vases. And you can pair off a large vase with smaller vases and smaller shells, topped with a votive candle to create a romantic beach mood.

Glass Beads, Baubles and Marbles

Multitudes of glass beads, baubles and marbles are available in different colours and textures for you to fill a large clear-glass vase to match your decor. Craft and floral supply stores carry glass beads in an array of colours. Discount stores have interesting designs of marbles you can use in a vase. Search your home for old necklaces, bracelets or other shiny trinkets to fill the vase and make a conversation piece for your room.

Pine Cones

Decorating a cabin, cottage or lodge is sometimes a challenge because so many of the accessories available are made from wood. And since too much of anything isn't a good thing, use a large vase as a way to bring in the smooth, clear texture of glass. You can still make it rustic by filling the vase with large pine cones and greenery. Finish with a wide ribbon wrapped around the vase to include the colour of the decor.

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