Gifts for Women Over 90 Years Old

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A woman who has lived to see more than 90 years truly deserves a special gift. Whether you are looking to find a gift for her next milestone birthday or simply want to treat her to something special, there are a few gift ideas for a woman who is over 90 years old.

Picture Collage

Find a photo frame collage and fill in the empty slots with pictures from your loved one's youth. For instance, ask relatives for pictures of memorable moments in the woman's life, such as her wedding day, high school years, dances attended, the birth of her children, vacations or family reunions.


Burn a CD of music popular when your elderly relative or friend was younger. Most likely she will be brought back down memory lane with music from the 1930s and 1940s. To personalise the music selection, find out from her or those close to her the songs she loves. Consider recording songs meaningful to her, such as the song played for her first dance with her husband at their wedding. Or maybe she was a swing dancer and enjoyed big band music. For a truly authentic effect, find a record player with records from her favourite era, and keep her company while listening to the music and hearing about the good old days.


Many elderly women love flowers and gardening; however, at 90 years old or more, they might find it harder to get outside and take care of a full garden. Bring the taste of outdoors inside her home by brightening up her day with a colourful bouquet of her favourite flowers. If she's allergic to flowers, consider a potted plant that can be easily cared for.


If you are good with knitting patchwork, consider making your elderly loved one a quilt. She will cherish this thoughtful gift and fondly think of you each time she uses the quilt during chilly nights. Personalise the quilt patterns by incorporating her favourite colours, or find patterns that reflect something she loves, such as patterns of her favourite animal, favourite place or favourite flowers.