Good Things to Stuff in Plastic Easter Eggs for an Easter Egg Hunt

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An Easter egg hunt is a perfect way to combine fun with gift giving to kids. You can put all kinds of good things in plastic Easter eggs for all ages, from toddler to older children or even adults. You can put general prizes or personalised gifts inside plastic eggs.


All kinds of toys fit in plastic Easter eggs. Tops, jacks, dice, small cars and plastic dolls are all items that are small enough to put in a plastic egg. You can turn the Easter egg hunt into the beginning part of a play day by breaking up pieces to a game in various eggs. Choose a game such as draughts, chess or dominoes and put the pieces into the plastic eggs. The first one to find all the game pieces gets to be the first player of the game with the pieces he has found.

Money and Candy

Candy is the obvious choice for an Easter Egg hunt. Try to make it interesting by combining money with the candy. Mix real silver dollars in an egg with candy dollars as a surprise treat. Green and white jelly beans mixed with folded five dollar bills makes the treat twice as sweet (wrap the jelly beans in cling film so they don't touch the money). For younger children, use pennies, nickels and dimes instead of larger denominations. Paper gift tokens can also fold up nicely in plastic eggs.

Personalise the Eggs

If your egg hunt includes people who know each other well, personalise one or two of the eggs for each person. You can include regular items such as candy inside the egg, but mark the outside of the candy or egg with a participant's name. Not only do your hunters have to find eggs, they have to find their own eggs. Challenge them to rehide any eggs they find that do not have their names on the them.

For Toddlers

For toddlers hunting for eggs, consider putting some of their favourite foods inside the plastic eggs. Cheerios or other cereals will surprise them, especially if you mix in some tiny chocolate candy in with the cereal. Jelly beans and gummy bears also work well with the preschool set. For those old enough not to put things in their mouths, little jewellery such as plastic rings are great for little girls and toy cars are a great surprise for boys. Stickers and wash-a-way tattoos stuff easily in plastic Easter eggs.

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