The Best Quality Leather Sofas

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Furniture stores offer a wide range of leather sofas. The problem with buying a new leather sofa is that it requires extra considerations to find the best quality. Fortunately, there are some key considerations to make when buying the best quality sofas.


A high quality leather sofa and a low quality leather sofa have differences in the stitching. Among the differences is loose threads, holes along the seam where the needle entered the leather and uneven stitching. If the sofa exhibits any of the problems in stitching mentioned, the quality is low because the stitching is not made to last. Another consideration for leather sofas is where the stitching is located. The website Furnish Connection, which is devoted to furniture, states that a genuine leather sofa should have seams in the back of the sofa where the leather was pieced together. If there are no seams in the back, the material is a fake leather.


The padding on a high quality leather sofa covers every area except the back. The cheaper sofas will have less padding, particularly on the arms. In some cases, low quality leather couches will only have padding on the seat and back and none on the arms.


Touch the leather. Depending on the type of leather the feel will vary, but high quality leather should have consistency. It should also feel relatively soft when compared to lower quality, though there is variation depending on the treatment method.

Sitting Down

Sitting on the couch is one of the main considerations before buying. Quality leather sofas are comfortable and should snap back into place upon standing. A low quality sofa will feel less comfortable and will take time before the padding gets back together.

Family Considerations

When buying a leather sofa, one main consideration before a purchase is the family. The type of leather and treatment vary, even among high quality leathers. For example, the softest leather, known as aniline, is appropriate for a couple who does not yet have children or who has infants, but is not appropriate for an active family because the leather is not resistant to soda spills or foods. In general, most active families do best with a semi-aniline leather, which is treated to prevent problems from spills and durable for everyday use.

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