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What Products Are Named After Greek Mythology?

Updated April 17, 2017

Greek mythology has influenced modern culture in a variety of ways, including product names. Often these products are named after the gods, goddesses or heroes because these characters are familiar parts of literature and their images may evoke certain feelings or ideals in consumers. The god Poseidon's name has been lent to businesses that are built around aquatics, the online merchandiser's name derives from a tribe of warrior women depicted in Greek literature, and Greek words and myths have influenced a variety of other products and companies.

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Nike Shoes

Nike was the Greek goddess most commonly associated with victory. She was often depicted riding in a chariot and encircling battlefields rewarding the victors. She was worshipped for strength, speed and victory. Nike shoe company is often a sponsor of sports events where strength and speed are required. The company's swoosh emblem is said to represent one of Nike's wings.


Many Greek myths have given rise to names of popular automobiles. The Buick Electra and the Volkswagon Eos are both named after Greek mythological characters. Electra was supposedly one of the seven Pleiades and a daughter of Atlas. Her son founded the city of Troy. Eos was the Greek goddess associated with the dawn and with multiple lovers and is often used interchangeably for Aphrodite.

Ajax Cleaner

The Greek hero Ajax was described as being taller and stronger than his companions. He is said to have fought in the Trojan War and was known as "Ajax the Great". He was supposed to have been slow to speak and to have fought for the hand of the fabled Helen of Troy. When she married another Ajax contributed a dozen ships to help protect her. He was also said to be a close friend of Achilles. A household cleaner bares the name of Ajax.

Atlas and Maps

Atlas was responsible for holding up the heavens after being condemned to the task. In the fifteen hundreds a map maker put a picture of Atlas on the front of a collection of maps. Since that time, collections of various maps such as those available today are known as atlases. Atlas stood at the western edge of the territory the Greeks were familiar with so they named the water next to him after him, the Atlantic.

Computer and Internet Products

Several computer and Internet products are given Greek mythological names. The FTP server Cerberus allows users to upload large file documents to be shared either company wide or world wide. A lion-headed female goat who has the tail of a dragon was known as a Chimera and is now a UNIX type computer Internet web browser. A mountain in Boeotia, Greece is named Helicon and is dedicated to the fabled Greek muses. Helicon is also the name of a software company.

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