Daisy Powerline 880 Air Rifle Specifications

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Daisy Manufacturing Company originally produced windmills for farmers in 1882. In 1886 Clarence Hamilton developed the original BB gun as a premium giveaway to farmers who bought windmills. The BB gun proved more popular than the windmills and the company went into business producing just the gun. Among the BB guns produced by the company over the last 100 years are the iconic Red Ryder and the Powerline series.

Action Type

The Daisy Powerline 880 is a pump-action rifle. The rifle accepts between one and 10 pumps of the pumping handle. Pumping more air into the rifle generates higher BB or pellet velocities. Daisy recommends two pumps for indoor use, four to six pumps for targets set at 33 feet and 10 pumps for longer distances up to 247 yards.


The Daisy Powerline 880 weighs 1.41 Kilogram. It measures 37.6 inches overall with a 21-inch rifled barrel. The single-stage trigger pull measures 3.18 Kilogram. The rifle ships with fibre-optic front and rear sights but provides an 11mm dovetail mount for a scope.

Capacity and Velocity

The Daisy Powerline 880 rifle contains a reservoir to hold up to 50 rounds. Velocity of the rounds depends on the number of pumps of the handle. At the maximum of 10 pumps, BBs are fired at 750 feet per second. The rifle also serves as a single-shot pellet gun. Pellets reach velocities up to 715 feet per second.


A plastic Monte Carlo-style stock with simulated wood grain ships with the Daisy Powerline 880. The receiver is made of a form of engineering resin. The barrel is steel.

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