Ideas for Indian Crafts

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There are many ideas available for the person who is interested in creating Indian crafts. There are crafts available for American Indians, as well as crafts that can be done to represent the Indian culture. These crafts work for children and adults alike.

Totem Pole

One American Indian craft that is easy to make is a homemade totem pole. Create this out of an old paper towel tube and construction paper. Have children draw animals that would have been likely to appear on a totem pole --- such as moose, beaver and whales, among other animals. This is an entertaining way to introduce kids to the culture of American Indian tribes.

Paper Canoe

Another important aspect of American Indian culture was the birch canoes. These canoes often helped them get from place to place on the water. These are an easy craft for children to create. Use simply construction paper, yarn and a pattern to create a miniature birch canoe. This craft requires minimal supplies and will help children learn about the culture and lifestyle of Native Americans.

Indian Flag Bead Craft

This craft is a way for children or adults to learn about the culture of the Indian people. Create an Indian flag out of fuse beads using a large square peg. Follow the pattern available on Activity Village. All that is needed are orange, green, white and blue beads, as well as a square peg and the supplies needed to fuse the beads.

Indian Elephants

Wooden Indian elephants are an easy, fun and decorative craft perfect for adults. Make these elephants by following the instructions on Craft Ideas. Using an elephant template, carve the elephant out of a block of wood. Paint the elephant red, and then paper-mached a paper elephant design onto the block of wood. This makes an interesting and unique decoration.

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