The Advantages of Victorian Style Homes

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Victorian homes feature a distinctive and ornamental style of architecture common in the mid-to-late 1800s. The detailed embellishments, fine wood carvings, and original floor plans make the houses unique and visually compelling. Thanks to their design many older Victorian structures are now bed and breakfast hotels or historical landmarks. Owning an original or even a reproduction Victorian home definitely has a distinct set of advantages.


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One big plus to owning a Victorian home is that the furnishings are very distinct. You will not have to wonder whether or not your furniture matches your home's style as Victorian furniture is easy to identify and available for purchase in antique shops, flea markets, garage sales, and online. Well-made reproductions can also be found in many furniture stores. Interior marble fireplaces, crystal chandeliers, bevelled or stained glass windows, and natural wood floors complement your furnishings in many original Victorian houses.

Porches and Balconies

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Victorian homes are well known for having porches and balconies, some of which may wrap themselves around almost the entire circumference of the house. Ground floor porches can save homeowners heat and air conditioning dollars as they shield the lower windows from heat, wind, cold, and sun. Balconies can be found on many different levels and often feature varied wood details.

These outdoor areas are comfortable, cosy, and a delight to furnish with wood, wicker or iron tables and chairs. Potted plants and vintage accessories can complete the seating arrangements, creating comfortable and relaxing areas for families and friends to gather.

Home Dimensions

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Victorian homes are great for smaller parcels of land as they tend to be tall and narrow, usually two to three stories high. If you own a Victorian home or are interested in buying an older Victorian house within a city such as San Francisco they are usually found on very small tracts of land, making yard maintenance and upkeep a snap. In addition Victorian homes often feature interiors with high ceilings and large, open doorways.

Eye Appeal and Artistry

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Victorian houses make truly beautiful and artistic homes. Details in the woodwork such as curlicues, rosettes, trim, and mouldings, plus the varying layouts of structures such as delightfully carved railings, open staircases, bay windows, and rounded towers all make for a truly unique place to call home. Early Victorian structures were often painted one plain colour but by the late 1800s colours were becoming more varied and some homes started displaying two or more vibrant exterior shades. Thanks to all these features living in a Victorian home will provide a picturesque backdrop for a cosy family life.

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