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Gifts for 7 year old boys

Updated April 17, 2017

If you want to find the best gift for a 7-year-old boy, you need to know his interests and hobbies. Once you know where to focus, look for a good gift that also matches your budget. If you have no way of knowing what the boy wants, think in terms of popular items most kids enjoy.

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Building Blocks

Boys and building toys are a classic combination. Building sets are available to fit every budget and every theme, from plastic interlocking blocks with a space theme to wooden interlocking blocks with a cabin theme. Some block sets include rods and joints for building robots and machines, and other sets offer slides and stands for building marble mazes.

Board Games

While computer and video games are popular, old fashion board games provide entertainment with or without electricity. Choose the latest big game, a classic game or an updated version of a classic. Make sure the game is appropriate for a 7-year-old boy and avoid games that require batteries. Many card games and puzzle games also keep kids entertained for hours.

Sports Stuff

Encourage a 7-year-old boy to get outside by giving him sports equipment to enjoy. Look for full sets that provide everything needed, such as a soccer ball with two pop-up goal nets, a softball and bat with base markers or a basketball with a suction-cup basket. Go for a quality item if the boy is into a specific sport and plays on a team, such as a leather catcher's mitt or professional-grade football.

Automobile Toys

Almost any kind of automobile toy is will go well with a 7-year-old boy. Give a "build your own racetrack" set with miniature race cars, a remote control fire truck or a windup monster truck. A "build-your-own-car" kit provides an introduction to model-making and lets kids build a toy car to play with. The key is to select a kit that creates a durable toy instead of a delicate model.

Science Kits

As long as the label states the product is safe for a 7-year-old, science kits can keep one boy or many boys entertained. Simple kits include ant farms, a basic microscope, a rock hunting set and bug-catching sets. Fancy kits include chemistry lab sets, telescope with star charts, microscope lab sets and magnet building sets. There are also many pseudoscience kits, such as sets that let you build a monster, human, alien or insect from goo.

Video Games

Giving a 7-year-old boy a video game can be hit or miss as far as what he wants or likes. Instead of giving a game, find out if there are any special controls or plug-ins he wants for his video game system or give a gift token for a local game store so he can go select his own.

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