Romantic things to say on birthday card for your boyfriend

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If your boyfriend's birthday is coming up soon, you may have already found the perfect present for him. However, adding a greeting card to the gift will make it more personable, and the words you write or type in the card can become a treasured keepsake for your sweetie. Finding just the right romantic words for a greeting card you've purchase or created will add even more meaning to your birthday gift.

Romantic Memories

You can fill the birthday card with a fond romantic memory about your relationship, such as the first time you met, or the first anniversary you celebrated together. Tell your boyfriend how you felt during those times, and let him know that you still feel butterflies or get excited when you're around him. You could also recount a memory of something romantic he's done for you in the past, such as a surprise vacation or heartfelt gift, and let him know that you want to make his birthday just as romantic and memorable.

Physical Traits

Describe your sweetie's physical traits in a romantic way to tell him "Happy birthday." If his eyes and smile are the features you're most attracted to, mention this in the birthday card, and tell him that he takes your breath away when he looks in your eyes or smiles at you. If you love his tall stature and athletic build, explain that these traits make you feel safe and protected, and that you always enjoy being in his embrace.

Your Feelings Concerning Him

Your boyfriend's birthday is a good time to remind him of your romantic feelings toward him. Tell him that you admire his ambition and drive, but that you're also drawn to his ability to be sensitive and attentive. Or, share that you find his spontaneous nature appealing, or love the fact that he always makes you feel at home when you're around him. Reiterate that you feel a particular closeness to him when he displays these traits, and his character and personality are part of what makes your romance great.

The Future

Let your boyfriend know that you look forward to celebrating many more birthdays with him because of the wonderful man he is. Tell him that you hope to shower him with love and support for years to come, and that you'll always find him handsome and alluring. You can also share that you know his best qualities will only improve with time, and that he's one of the best things in your life. Convey how much he enriches your life, and that the things he does to make your relationship enjoyable are so romantic that you can't imagine life without him.

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