Ideas for kiddie parade floats

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Putting together a parade float gives you the chance to be creative and design something that parade spectators will enjoy. Parades are held all throughout the year in neighbourhoods and communities as a part of holiday celebrations, festivals and fairs. If you're a part of a parade and need ideas for a kiddie float, think about things that children would enjoy seeing and being a part of.

Christmas Parade

Make a "Christmas Around the World" kiddie float for a Christmas parade. Have kids dress in traditional clothing from countries all over the world and add Christmas trees and present decorations to the float. Another idea is to create a kiddie winter wonderland and decorate the float with fake snow and have kids sit in sleds and hold small snowboards while dressed in snowsuits. You could also do a Toyland float and decorate it with motorcycles, cars, dolls, toy soldiers and stuffed animals.

Easter Parade

Depict an Easter egg hunting scene. Decorate your float with fake grass, trees and bushes and have kids on the float with Easter baskets in their hands. Add cardboard picket fences to make the float look like a yard along with colourful Easter egg props of various sizes. Other ideas are to have kids dressed in bunny costumes on a float full of colourful spring flowers and have them toss candy to parade spectators, if that's allowed in your city.

Fourth of July Parade

Use a patriotic theme for a Fourth of July kiddie float. A "Born in the USA" theme could be depicted on your float by having children dressed in red, white and blue and waving small flags. Decorate a large "Born in the USA" sign to add to the float and play the Born in the USA song by Bruce Springsteen as background music. Another idea is to have a "Land of the Free" theme and dress kids in small Liberty Bell and Statue of Liberty costumes and use red, white and blue balloons for float decorations.


For non-holiday parades, a Lollipop Land theme could be used for a kiddie float. Decorate the float with fake grass and large standing lollipops and have kids sit in various places on the float next to the standing lollipops to wave to parade spectators. You could also have kids walk alongside the float with adults and pass out lollipop candy to the crowd. Another idea for a parade not associated with a holiday is to depict a scene from a Disney or other animated movie for your kiddie float. It's a good idea to choose a movie that was recently released to increase the chance that children will know what movie the float is portraying.

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