Good Things to Put on Birthday Cards

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Most birthday cards come with a pre-printed message. Adding a personal, handwritten message, however, makes the card more meaningful. Sit down and take the time necessary to recall the memories of your relationship with the card's recipient and let those memories guide you as to what you can add to the card.

Favourite Memory

Relationships rely on shared experiences for growth and development and describing your favourite experience with the card's recipient reinforces the history of the relationship. Start by thinking about previous birthdays, holidays and vacations. Don't be shy about recalling an ordinary, everyday memory that means a lot to you. Sharing that memory might surprise the recipient and will likely initiate a conversation about many of your shared experiences.

Lyrics, Poems or Verse

Perhaps you and the recipient have a special song. Write some or all of the lyrics from the song. If there is a song or poem that has come to have special meaning for you, personally, share those words with the recipient. Poems and Bible verses are also great resources for inspirational words to add to the birthday card.

About the Gift

Some gifts need explaining and the birthday card is a great place to do it. Adding the "why" behind the gift makes the present more personal and more meaningful to the recipient. For example, "This necklace reminded me of the one your grandmother wears. You remind me of her, and I hope this necklace helps you remember how much she means to you."

Heartfelt Message

A simple, heartfelt message is sometimes the best. While this kind of addition to a birthday card can be the most difficult to write, it often means the most to the recipient. Think about phrases like, "When I am having a tough day..." "You make me smile when..." and "Your friendship has always been...." Draft a few sample messages and add the one that means the most to you.

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