Get Well Gifts for Women

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"Get well soon" gifts vary from person to person, and the gifts depend on the person's illness. For example, if someone is in the hospital with a diabetes-related problem, you shouldn't buy them chocolate. When women are ill, there are a number of gifts that you can buy them that will put a smile back on her face.


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When you are unwell, you invariably fail to look after yourself properly as you feel too weak to prepare proper, nutritious meals. By giving the gift of food, you are helping to nurse your friend back to better health. If she is at home, bring her sandwiches, fruit, soup or pre-made dishes of casserole or lasagne, for example. However, if she is in hospital, make sure that you do not give food that contravenes with her recovery or condition. Talk to her nurses to see what they recommend.


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The gift of flowers has long been known as an ideal gift for a woman, and when she is ill, the brightly coloured, fresh-smelling gift of flowers can help to brighten up an otherwise bad day. A lot of hospitals are quite anti-flowers these days because of pollen affecting patients' allergies, but if your friend's hospital is happy with it, flowers help to cheer up patients. If you know the woman very well, make sure you get her favourite flowers to make her smile even bigger.


Candles are a wonderfully relaxing gift which, when lit, can help to improve the atmosphere in a room. A lot of candles today are scented or contain aromatherapy oils, which will help to improve the health and well-being of anyone in the room. Aromatherapy oils contain natural remedies that help to improve certain health qualities so make sure you do your research beforehand so that you can buy her the one that suits her ailment.

DVDs, Books and CDs

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It is easy to run out of things to do when you are home sick, so giving her a media-based gift can help to alleviate that boredom. A DVD, book or CD is an ideal gift to help entertain her and keep her mind busy while she is off work. This gift is best suited to a patient who is at home and not in the hospital, although books are met with appreciation in any arena.