Perler Bead Projects

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If you're looking for some craft projects to do with your children, try using Perler Beads. You can make almost anything out of Perler Beads, which are small, cylindrical plastic beads that you can string together or melt together with an iron. Only an adult should use the iron, and you will need to be careful with the heat.

Friendship Hearts

The idea for a friendship heart made from Perler Beads comes from the popular half-heart necklace pendants. Make the shape of a heart on the Perler Bead peg board and use any colour of beads that you want. You can even make one side of the heart with the favourite colour of one person and the other side as the favourite colour of the other person. Remove beads from down the centre of the heart in a jagged formation. Iron the beads together as per the instructions that came with them. Keep them safe or wear them as a necklace.

Refrigerator Magnets

Give your Perler Bead designs a practical purpose by using them as magnets. Make colourful food designs on the peg board for a kitchen theme, or make them into whatever you want to go along with the decor of the rest of the kitchen. When the plastic has cooled after you've ironed them, apply a dab of hot glue to the back of a magnet strip. If the magnet strip is self-adhesive, just peel off the backing and press it against the back of the Perler Bead design.

Three Dimensional Designs

You will need to do some planning before you begin making a 3-D object with Perler Beads. You can also find some patterns on the Perler Bead website to find out how many beads to use, what colours you need and what shapes to make. A 3-D project is done by creating and ironing individual layers to be stacked together in the shape of the object. The layers are held together with craft glue.

Rhinestone Jewelry

Use Perler Beads, cabochons (flat-back beads) and rhinestones to make colourful custom jewellery. Form the shape of a flat heart, star or any other shape on the peg board or make two or three different layers and glue them together for a tiered, three-dimensional pendant. Glue your cabochons or rhinestones in a design on the pendant, or just around the beads on the outside edge of the pendant. Feed a string through a bead on the top edge of the pendant and wear it.

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