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The disadvantages of inserting fingers in your nose

Updated July 20, 2017

You might be termed a rhinotillexomaniac if you have the habit of picking your nose. Compulsively inserting your finger into your nose is rhinotillexomania. Picking your nose to excess can cause not only embarrassment at being caught in the act but illness as well. The ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamen is rumoured to have had a personal, employed nose picker. However, who are we kidding? For nose pickers, doing the work themselves is much more satisfactory. Just beware the dangers and disadvantages of inserting fingers in your nose.

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Nose picking can lead to infections. The nose is close to the brain and shares the same blood supply. Infections near this area is a cause for concern because the infection can possibly spread to the brain. The danger area is from both corners of the mouth and over the bridge of the nose. Compulsive pickers are at risk, as they impede any healing being done in the nose.


Trauma, such as nose picking, can cause nosebleeds. Children are especially susceptible to this problem. The nose is rich in blood vessels and vulnerable because it protrudes outward on the face. To stop a nosebleed, pinch the sides of the nose together, press firmly toward the face and lean forward. If you lean backward, the blood can run back into the sinuses and throat.

Septum Perforation

The nasal septal mucoperichondrium in the nose provides blood supply to other parts of the nose. Any abuse of the septum, such as recurring nose picking, might result in a perforation. Septal perforations have symptoms that include nasal congestion, nasal crusting and drainage and a whistling sound. Septal perforations can be closed surgically. However, the nose picker should learn to curb the habit if he doesn't want the perforation opening again.


Another disadvantage of inserting your finger into your nose is just plain embarrassment, which can lead to you becoming a social pariah. Nose pickers might try to perform the habit in secret, but they're bound to be found out at one time or another. Picking the nose is not socially acceptable.

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