Ideas for WWE birthday parties

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Professional wrestling is popular entertainment for many children, so planning a WWE-themed party for your child may be the perfect choice. The WWE, also known as World Wrestling Entertainment, offers shows, such as "Smackdown" and "Raw," featuring characters who combine wrestling with entertainment for adults and children. Create a memorable WWE birthday party for your child and his friends with fun invitations, activities and games.


Print or draw several championship wrestling belts and write the party details on the backs of the belts. Place the belts in envelopes and mail them to the party guests. You can also print invitations that look like tickets to a wrestling show. Include the details of the party on the "tickets" and mail to guests. These tickets are also available online for purchase if you cannot print them.


Take two large ropes and hang them around the party area to create a "wrestling ring." Hang large posters of your child's favourite wrestlers on the walls. Decorate the party area with red, black and white balloons, streamers and tableware. Use large toy wrestling characters to hold down bouquets of balloons to create table centrepieces. Place any toy wrestling characters you have around in the party area for decoration, or even hang them from the ceiling. Lay a piece of red carpet leading to the chair that the birthday boy will sit in to open his gifts.


Set up a table with construction paper, foam paper, rhinestones, jewels, glue, markers, foam letters and glitter for the party guests to use to make their own wrestling belts featuring their names. After the guests finish their belts, divide them into teams of three or four. Give the groups 10 minutes to practice a short WWE event of their own, of course with no real contact. Let the guests perform their wrestling acts for party guests. For added fun, have an adult or older teen paint the party guests' faces like their favourite wrestlers or create their own looks before their performances.

Wrestling Belt Relay Race

Create a wrestling belt relay race for party guests to play. Mark a starting line and finish line about 20 feet apart. Divide the players into two teams and have line them up at the starting line. Make homemade wrestling belts that will stay on by using glue, felt, craft foam and Velcro. Give the first player in each team line a wrestling belt. When you say "go," the first players in line must run to the finish line and give their best wrestler noise, such as a growl, or a mean face. The player then runs back and give the next player in his team line the belt and she must do the same thing. The first team to have all its players finish the relay race wins the game.

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